Jailed CCC police assault victim operated for fracture

As she raced agonising 21-day grace period for surgical operation to be made or suffer permanent injury

By Staff Reporter

Jailed Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) activist Tambudzai Makororo has undergone what doctors say has been a successful operation for a fracture she allegedly sustained when she was assaulted by police last month.

Makororo is part of the 79-member group of CCC followers who were seized during a police raid at the Harare home of former senator Jameson Timba on 16 June.

The activists, who have seen their many bail attempts waived by the courts, were arrested while commemorating the Day of the African Child.

Police have accused them of holding what they allege was an illegal gathering.

The activists claim they were assaulted by anti-riot police during their arrest.

But one activist who has suffered the double pain of being jailed and enduring broken left leg at the same time is Makororo.

She was operated on at Parirenyatwa Hospital in Harare.

Dr Norman Matara of the Zimbabwe Association of Doctors for Human Rights described the surgery as successful.

“She received the operation on Monday. It all went well. The outcome is very positive,” Matara was quoted as saying.

Makororo was taken to the government health facility after persistent appeals by doctors for her to undergo the crucial clinical process.

They further warned that she had a 21-day window for the procedure after which she may never heal from the injury.

“She suffered a fracture of the left tibial plateu during her arrest on June 16,” doctors wrote.

“She had a backslab applied by one of our doctors to try and stabilise the fracture and reduce pain and inflammation.

“Our specialist orthopaedic surgeon has advised us that she urgently needs surgery to stabilise the fracture she sustained.

“The standard of care for such fractures is to do surgical management within 21 days of injury to obtain good long-term outcome and prevent permanent disability.”

Makororo and 77 others who include Timba are due in court this Wednesday for their routine remand.

Their arrest and continued imprisonment has invited strong criticism from the opposition and rights groups that feel the Zanu PF led government was infringing on citizen freedoms of assembly.

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