Zambia lines up anti-Mnangagwa protests ahead of SADC summit

Rally Zimbabweans to ‘rise up’ against ‘military dictatorship’

By Staff Reporter

Zambians have organised protests set for Lusaka this Thursday and Friday to demand President Emmerson Mnangagwa and Zimbabwe not assume SADC chairmanship next month.

A banner circulating on social media is written “Rise up Zimbabwe”.

It adds, “No to SADC chairmanship”.

“Zimbabwe is under military dictatorship and characterised by corruption, nepotism, poverty and open repression. Let us rise up!”

The protest has been organised for Mulungushi International Conference Centre in Lusaka.

Zimbabwe is set to host the SADC summit this August with Mnangagwa assuming the rotational position of chairing a bloc that has received wide criticism for papering over the region’s delinquent administrations.

Zimbabwe has been flagged as a black sheep of the region following recurrent politically motivated violence and poll theft under the Zanu PF led authority.

Relations between Zimbabwe and Zambia have been unfriendly after some of the latter’s past leaders have openly condemned the Zanu PF led administration of continuously leading disputed elections and economic turmoil.

The poor relations have not been helped by a damning 2023 report on Zimbabwean elections which was prepared by SADC observers under former Zambian vice president Nevers Mumba.

Mnangagwa has also played a part after he recently told Russian leader Vladimir Putin during a visit to Moscow that the “The Americans are consolidating their power in that country (Zambia), both in terms of security and in terms of financial support to make sure that we (Zimbabwe) feel lonely.”

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