Rape ‘saves’ Gweru woman from murder

By Staff Reporter

A 28-year-old Gweru woman survived murder after a man who raped her had argued with his friends who had recommended killing her instead after robbing her.

The rapist, Obert Ncube (29), a Gweru court was told, had been taken to a bushy area by three men who later robbed her of US$60.

But that was not the last of her ordeal as Ncube was immediately involved in an argument with his accomplices who wanted to kill her instead.

Ncube, it turned out, won the argument which allowed him to rape the woman.


Reads a statement from the National prosecuting Authority, “On the 5th of March 2023, the accused person and his two accomplices who are still at large, instructed the complainant (28) who was walking home from the local grocery shop to stop but she did not.

“The accused person blocked her way and drew an okapi knife from his pocket, before forcefully taking her Huawei Honor cell phone valued at US$60.

“The accused person and his accomplices took the complainant to a nearby bush.

“An argument ensued as the accused person’s accomplices wanted to kill the complainant but the accused person wanted to have sexual intercourse with her.

“The accused person raped the complainant while his accomplices were watching from a distance.

“The complainant managed to escape and hid in a pit until the following morning. She filed a police report on the 6th of March 2023.”

Ncube was tried by a Gweru magistrate who later sentenced him to 31 years in jail after finding him guilty of three counts of robbery and two counts of rape.

His accomplices are still at large.

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