Goat farmer, rapper Maskiri attacks goat ‘rapists’

By Staff Reporter

Urban Grooves pioneering sensation and now goat farmer Alishias ‘Maskiri’ Musimbe says he is disappointed by people who engage in sexual acts with innocent animals.

The Muviri Wese hitmaker commented on bestiality just a week after taking delivery of a batch of Boer goats from Namibia at his Rainham plot last week.

“I am so disappointed by those people who are sexually abusing animals.

“Imagine, we have imported these Boer goats from as far as Namibia, incurring huge costs and the government is also empowering animal farmers, iwewe wongo bata mhuka iyi.

“Bestiality is inhuman,” said the artist.

Maskiri is one of the pioneers of the once popular Urban Grooves genre which blossomed when government introduced the 75 percent local content policy on national radio stations.

The controversial policy saw top musicians like Rokie, Ex-Q, Roy and Royce, Decibel all spring up to become household names on the local music scene.

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