Granny, 74, escapes rape by grabbing, twisting 21-year-old attacker’s privates

21-year-old attacker pulled up her dress and tore her pantie. court told

By Staff Reporter

A Hwange woman, aged 74, survived rape by grabbing and squeezing her 21-year-old attacker’s privates, a court heard recently.

He was named as Mbonisi Ncube, a resident of Jambezi under Chief Shana area in Matabeleland North.

According to a recent statement by a National Prosecuting Authority statement, Ncube was arraigned before a Hwange magistrate facing unlawful entry charges and another count of rape.

On 7 June at 9PM, NPA said, Ncube broke into an 80-year-old woman’s home where she slept with her grandchildren.

“He strangled the complainant’s 10-year-old grandchild before she screamed,” NPA said.

“This alerted the complainant who went to investigate. The accused person ran away.

“The complainant identified him when he returned at about 11.30PM and peeped through the window. She promptly advised her neighbours.”

But that was not Ncube’s only crime of the night as prosecutors proved that on the same night at around 11PM, Ncube broke into another house through the window.

“The complainant heard movements and went to investigate,” NPA said.

“The accused person dragged the complainant into her bedroom and forced her onto her bed.

“He pulled up her dress and tore her pantie before trying to rape the complainant.

“The complainant managed to grab his manhood and squeezed it until he released her.

“The accused person escaped through the window and ran away. The complainant advised her neighbours who helped her track the spoor which led to the accused person’s homestead.

“A police report was made leading to the arrest of the accused person.”

For his misdeeds, Ncube was sentenced to 5 years imprisonment on the first count while he earned a 1-year imprisonment for the second. He will serve 6 years effectively.

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