Shock as woman sells own baby to human traffickers

Pauline Maganga sold the minor for R25 000, court heard

By Staff Reporter

A 23-year-old woman gave birth to her baby girl in South Africa and sold her to human traffickers for R25 000 within the infant’s first two days on earth.

For the crime, Pauline Maganga was arraigned before a Harare Magistrates’ Courts where she was later jailed for 10 years. The less fortunate offspring was set to be trafficked to Australia, court heard during trial.

According to prosecutors, the woman connected with the buyer of the baby using WhatsApp.

After selling the child, she lied that the baby had died.                                                   

The State proved that the accused person sold her son to her accomplice on the 26th of June 2023, two days after giving birth, in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Sometime in October 2023, her accomplice smuggled the infant into Zimbabwe.

The accused person was arrested when she returned home after learning of her accomplice’s arrest.

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