Edward Sadomba surrenders gun to police after squabbles with wife

Edward Sadomba’s mental state deteriorated so much, during his lengthy impasse with his estranged wife Sherlynn, he ended up surrendering his registered gun to the police.

The former football star acquired the weapon to protect his home and family just in case he was targeted by robbers.

However, as his relationship with his wife deteriorated, Sadomba felt he was no longer in a stable mental state to keep the gun at his family home.

He became concerned that he could end up using the weapon the wrong way and felt it was safe in the custody of the police.

“Duduza could feel that the troubles at home were affecting him in a very bad way and he felt it had affected him mentally in a big way,” said a source.

“He felt that his mental state was not right for him to keep this gun, which he had at home for the protection of his family.

“He decided to hand it over to the police and he also handed over the ammunition, which had also been at his home.

“He also was encouraged to do that by his most trusted colleagues.”

Sadomba’s marriage to his childhood sweetheart is teetering on the verge of a sensational collapse.

The former Zimbabwe international footballer has been dragged to court by Sherlynn, who is seeking a protection order, and is accusing him of being an abusive husband.

Last week, sources revealed to H-Metro that the duo’s marriage virtually collapsed two years ago and things have been getting worse by each passing week and the prospects of a reconciliation are virtually NIL.

The sources revealed that for the past two years, Sadomba and Sherlynn have been living in the same double-story upmarket house at Pokugara Estate in Borrowdale, but on different wings.

The former footballer stays on the first floor while his estranged wife stays on the ground floor.

Such is the level of mistrust, between the two, Sadomba was even forced to insert a biometric device where, to enter into his bedroom, one needs to use a finger code.

Seven months have now passed since the last time Sadomba had a meal at home because he is afraid that his food could be poisoned because of the toxic nature of the situation at his house. Hmetro

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