Football legend Edward Sadomba in court for abusing wife, reports

- Accused of locking wife outside for coming home late - Couple sleeping in same home but different rooms - Wife files for protection order

By Staff Reporter

Football legend Edward Sadomba and wife Sherlynn are on the verge of a messy divorce after it has emerged the celebrity couple has been quarrelling for some time.

The couple’s marital woes have spilled into the hands of the police and subsequently the courts.

Sherlynn, also a prosecutor at the Harare Magistrates’ Court, has approached the Harare Civil Court seeking a peace order against the former key player at premiership giants, Dynamos.

The speedy winger in his heyday arrived at Mbare Magistrates Court in the company of his lawyer, Charles Warara while Sherlyn arrived later.

Reports say the duo did not appear before a magistrate after the vetting officer decided that there were outstanding statements that were supposed to be recorded from witnesses before the matter was ready to be heard.

Investigations by a local tabloid revealed the couple’s differences were so deep that Sadomba would regularly lock out his wife outside their matrimonial home when she returned home in the evening.

It has now emerged that although they share the same house, the couple sleeps in different wings of their house.

The couple, it is further reported, has received counselling, on a number of occasions, at police stations.

The counselling followed reports which Sherlynn filed accusing her husband of being abusive towards her.

“This has been going on for some time now and there were even whispers, when Sherlynn wore a neck brace, that she was injured during a fall at home after she was attacked but that could not be proved,” said a source.

“Now, that this case has spilled into the public domain and she has filed for a protection order from Sadomba, it means there was a hint of some truth to those whispers.

“A woman like Sherlynn will, obviously, weigh the consequences of such a move like filing for a protection order.

“She is a prosecutor and she knows that this will attract media attention and will be uncomfortable to his kids and to her reputation as someone who works with the public.

“But, for her to still make the move, it suggests that she has come to a point where she has said enough is enough and whatever comes will not be worse than the abuse she is suffering.

“It’s sad, when you think about it, because this is a couple that everyone admired and they have been together for a long time.”

Sherlynn revealed to The Herald, that she met Sadomba in 2001.

“I met him in 2001 when I visited my grandmother in Mbare,” she said.

“We dated from that time till we got married in 2008.                                  

“I am absolutely affected by his fame in a good way because he is a people-person and he commands a lot of respect from his supporters and the general community, which consequently comes as a good thing for me.

“In a negative way, our lives are open just like the sky, we are mostly in the public eye. It’s not a good place to be all the time.”

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