Cassper Nyovest reveals fears of gun violence in SA

‘It’s not even fun anymore to be outside nje. I’d rather watch a movie’

By Showbiz Reporter

Popular rapper Cassper Nyovest has opened up on his own fears about falling victim to rampant gun violence in South Africa after comedian and DJ Peter “Mashata” Mabuse joined the growing number of South African celebrities who have been gunned down recently.

Mabuse was gruesomely shot and killed by unknown assailants in Pretoria at the weekend,

His murder reopened conversation about South Africa as one of the world’s most scary territories in terms of gun violence.

Writing on his X handle, Nyovest said it was through God’s grace that he is still alive.

“We are only safe in God’s hands. South Africa is lawless. It’s so sad to see what our country has become. It’s not even fun anymore to be outside nje. I’d rather watch a movie,” he wrote.

“The gun violence in South Africa is just scary. These are people’s kids, fathers, brothers, and sisters who are senselessly getting killed. Criminals have realised they can do as they wish and nothing is being done about it. It’s sad to watch and painful to live in this country, which used to be such bliss.”

Nyovest said he beefed up his security this April because he felt unsafe.

“I would like to declare yet again that Jesus Christ is the sole reason for my life being spared and fruitful. Through many situations, he saved me and he keeps saving me. It’s only by God’s grace that I’m alive and in my right mind. Thank you Jesus,” he said earlier.

“I went through so much in the past two years. Mentally I was drained and I was burnt out. I felt unsafe because of threats, even got bodyguards.

“Was diagnosed with depression and anxiety. I really couldn’t see the light and I couldn’t control my mind at some point.

“I ran to Jesus and he healed me. I would like to say, thank you Jesus. You are my lord and saviour.”

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