Detained forex dealer misses own wedding

By Staff Reporter

A Harare foreign currency dealer, named Lardmio Ruvisi, who is among a group of 65 cash traders seized from street corners during a police blitz and charged with economic sabotage has suffered the double misfortune of arrest and missing his own wedding.

The group was seized from different corners of the city’s forex trading spots to face crimes related to the illicit practice.

The government, which recently introduced the gold backed ZiG currency to replace the much-resented Zimbabwe dollar, blames recurrent devaluing of the local currency on the activities of foreign currency dealers who trade in street corners in parts of the country.

In a bid to arrest the currency turmoil, government has sent police officers to round up the dealers and present them to court.

But one unfortunate dealer was Ruvisi of Warren Park 1 Harare who told the National Prosecuting Authority vetting office that when he was arrested on Independence Day, he was looking for United States dollars to finalise his wedding preparations.

Prosecutors claim that on 18 April this year, a team of detectives was conducting an operation against illegal forex traders.

They conducted surveillance at the corner of Sir Seretse Khama Street (former Angwa Street) and George Silundika Avenue and spotted Ruvisi dealing in foreign currency.

The team approached him and Bianca Masvaure and requested him to transfer Buddie airtime for ZiG130 equivalent to US$10.

Masvaure gave Ruvisi US$10 who then failed to transfer the airtime to Masvaure’s phone. He was arrested.

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