Mai Titi daughter’s ex-boyfriend arrested for leaking her nudes

Police confirm Amin Mhaka detained at Highlands Police Station

By Staff Reporter

Police have arrested and detained a man suspected to have leaked nude images of Mai Titi’s teenage daughter, Felisha over a week ago.

Amin Mhaka, believed to have been Felisha’s boyfriend, allegedly leaked the viral images after the two had fallen out.

Mhaka was detained at Highlands Police Station in Harare.

National police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi confirmed Mhaka’s arrest.

“Police arrested one suspect in connection with the leaking of the nude photographs of Mai TT’s daughter.

“Investigations are in progress and we will furnish more details tomorrow (Tuesday),” Nyathi said.

In comments following leaking of the images, Mai Titi said her daughter spent a full year pleading with her boyfriend not to leak the nudes.

The teenager would sometimes pay her lover some undisclosed amounts of money in attempts to stop him from leaking her nudes.

“The way you are shocked is the same way I am shocked because my daughter is the quietest, intelligent, individual,” Mai TiTi wrote on Facebook.

“When I counted my blessings, I counted her as well.

“Never have I ever held a stick to flog her because there was nothing to flog her for.

“She was the best God gave me because everything about her is just perfect.

“There is just a young lady who was in a relationship and trusted her boyfriend, and after breaking up, the guy leaked the pictures.”

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