Farm labourer caught sexing donkey inside cattle kraal

By Staff Reporter

A 40-year-old Bulawayo man was caught performing sex on a donkey inside his employer’s cattle kraal.

For his misdeeds, Kimpton Sibanda was arrested and charged with bestiality, the crime of having sex with an animal.

He admitted during trial to committing disgraceful act.

Sibanda is employed as a domestic worker at Bilas Farm in Bulawayo.

On 26 March 2024, Sibanda was caught in a sex act with a donkey by two witnesses inside his employer’s cattle kraal.

The two reported the matter to the police, leading to his arrest.

He pleaded guilty to the charges and was sentenced to a wholly suspended 10 months imprisonment.

Sibanda was ordered to perform 350 hours of community service.

He is not the first to be caught pants down sexing a donkey.

Recently, a 30-year-old Mvurwi man was also caught red-handed while having sex with a donkey.

Cases of men having sex with domestic animals are common in Zimbabwe.

In 2018, a Kudakwashe Hondoro was caught having sex with a goat in Beitbridge.

Reports linked the disgraceful act to the advice of a sangoma after Hondoro had sought supernatural solutions to getting rich.

Hondoro reportedly had 8 rounds of sex with the animal.

Similarly, in 2014, Tasisine Musara, a Mwenezi man then aged 26, was caught red-handed having sex with a neighbour’s donkey.

The donkey was pregnant at the time.

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