Defiant Mai Titi defends daughter’s nudes

‘Regedzai aburitse zvose zvaanazvo, vamwe hativhunduki ka’

By Staff Reporter

Free-spirited comedienne and socialite Felistas Murata, AKA Mai Titi, has scornfully shrugged off public criticism over her indirect role in the recording and subsequent leaking of her teenage daughter’s nudes Wednesday.

The teenager set social media buzzing on Wednesday when her nude images went viral on social media.

Mai Titi was first to see her own nudes leak last year.

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At the time, she claimed that was an act of revenge porn by her ex-husband and a former friend.

The socialite, who has a trademark style of hiding her inner worries in some public theatrics, again took into her default mode when she faced a backlash for allegedly being a bad influence to her young offspring.

Put in an invidious position in which she was supposed to condemn her daughter for a crime she was also guilty of, Mai Titi chose the opposite.

“Regedzai aburitse zvose zvaanazvo, vamwe hativhunduki ka,” she said in a video clip.

“The likes of Shashl had her nudes and videos leaked.

“You don’t have to worry about it, many people had their nudes leaked, which made them famous.”

Local musician Shashl had her sex tape with Zimdancehall producer Levels leak on social media in 2022.

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