Ibbo Mandaza says ‘daughter’ abducted and raped

By Staff Reporter

Renowned publisher and government critic Ibbo Mandaza says one of his workers he only identified as mwana wangu (my daughter) was abducted, sexually abused and dumped by the roadside on Thursday.

The shock incident, according to Mandaza, happened around 8AM on Thursday, as the 19-year-old employee walked to work in Harare’s Avenues area.

“It has become to our notice, albeit in the worst circumstances imaginable when one of my members of staff and indeed mwana wangu of 19 years of age was abducted along Mazowe Street while walking to work at 8 am last Thursday,” Mandaza revealed via his X (Twitter) handle.

“She was rendered unconscious by some substance sprayed on her, and then sexually abused before left on the roadside to fend for herself.”

The one-time permanent secretary in late former President Robert Mugabe’s government owns SAPES Trust, an NGO, which operates at his premises just outside the Harare CBD.

Mandaza demanded action from the police in the wake of similar incidents that have happened before.

“This is shocking and shameful enough, but to discover as we have that this criminal practice is rampant, and yet ZRP are silent about it, is alarming.

“We want action now and the media must do its work,” he posted on his X handle.

Mandaza, once an ally, is now a strong critic of the Zanu PF led government.

A Twitter user said in exchanges with Mandaza that he should not take it political.

Mandaza replied, “Please don’t be so callous; of course, it becomes political if the state fails in it responsibility to safeguard the citizens, especially our children.”

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