Cheating wife hires own brothers to throw husband out of family home

By Staff Reporter

A Harare who claims he has been thrown out of a family home by his wife he accuses of hiring her brothers to harass him for exposing bedding her workmate.

The man has been identified as McDonald Mukosera while his wife is Patricia Ganga.

He has since approached the courts seeking protection against Patricia’s brothers — Richard and Tapiwa Ganga.

He claims he is now living in fear of being attacked by the two.

Mukosera says he has been thrown out of the family house and is being denied access to their child.

He also wants the court to allow him access to his child.

“I am living in fear in the wake of the issues related to the marital challenges we are facing with Patricia,” said McDonald.

“She engaged her brothers, and a group of other men, to deal with me for exposing her shenanigans.

“Patricia forced me out of the house and is denying me access to our child as well.

“Hanzi ndinotokunyudza chete asi iye ndiye akazvipfekenura nekudanana newaanoshanda naye.

“I was left with no option than seeking justice before the courts of law.”

The case is expected to be heard on April 8.

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