Wives caught selling meat from stolen cattle

By Staff Reporter

Three Chakari women were arrested over the Easter holiday after they were caught selling meat whose source was traced to stolen cattle by their husbands.

They are Tirevei Jacob (32), Kudzanai Salimu (19) and Noster Simon (34), all from Chakari.

The stock theft incident was uncovered when police arrested Tawanda Musongeya (38), a meat vendor at his home in Chakari.

Police conducted a search at his home and found beef amounting to a full carcass.

He implicated his brother Hardlife Musongeya and his brother-in-law, Praise Mboni as his accomplices.

Tawanda led police to the two suspects who quickly fled on sight of officers who had gone to their homes intending to arrest them, according to a statement by police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi.

“Investigations carried out by the police revealed that the three suspects had assigned their wives Tirevei Jacob (32), Kudzanai Salimu (19) and Noster Simon (34) to sell the meat around Dalny Compound, Chakari.

“The trio was subsequently arrested.

“Tawanda Musongeya led the police to Kabhanga grazing land for indications, where the police established that the suspects stole and slaughtered cattle in Mukamba area, Chakari.

“At the scene, police recovered one brown hornless cow head, four hooves, offals and one brown hide.

“The police also noticed fur decomposed black cow heads and one decomposed black cow head which were all seen at about 15 mitres from the scene.”

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