‘Blair toilet’ chanter Tambaoga begs for own car from Chivayo

By Showbiz Reporter

Forgotten musician and one-time ardent Zanu PF praise singer Tambaoga, real name Last Chiangwa, has recorded his own video begging for a car donation from free spending businessman Wicknell Chivayo.

Chivayo has been doling out cars to some local musicians and other individuals as reward for their public show of affinity to the ruling Zanu PF party.

One individual he forgot was Tambaoga, who became famous during Robert Mugabe’s rule through songs which were in praise of the late former president while denouncing the British government for alleged interference into Zimbabwe’s controversial land reform programme.

His most remembered song is undoubtedly one he produced while denouncing then British Prime Minister Tony Blair whom he likened to a Blair toilet.

Blair became a hated figure within the Zimbabwean government after his adamant refusal to bankroll the country’s land reform process.

Tambaoga also produced the jingle, Rambai Makashinga, widely used as a Zanu PF campaign chorus when government seized tracts of white owned land during the onset of Zimbabwe’s controversial land reform programme at the turn of the century.

In a video that has gone viral on social media, Tambaoga is seen standing in a public place clearly pleading with Chivayo to remember him in the tycoon’s mission to distribute a huge chunk of his largess to the Zanu PF faithful.

Tambaoga tells Chivayo he has had a hard time living as a pedestrian and would relish a donation from the Zanu PF benefactor.

He also tells the businessman that his works in support of Zanu PF are an open secret.

Chivayo has earned criticism from among ordinary Zimbabweans for failure to direct his benevolence towards the poor, seen as more deserving of the donations than celebrities.

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