Chivayo gifts car to woman filmed tweaking at a Zanu PF rally

By Staff Reporter

Overgenerous businessman Wicknell Chivayo has rewarded a woman seen in a viral video tweaking at a Zanu PF rally with a Toyota Aqua to add to his growing number of people he has blessed with cash and vehicles.

Added to the car, the Zanu PF defacto benefactor gave the woman US$2 000.

Chivayo wrote, “DJ Masomere please enda na Amai ava pana Madzibaba Chipaga vapihwe Aqua yavo ne 2000 USD today.

Drivers’s licence kana vasina she can start lesson today and collect her car in two weeks.

Zvinhu zveZanu mufaro wega wega. Pakangonzi Mr Aquaman vari panopakatambwa zvinoshamisa.

Chivayo has been doling out vehicles and cash to some Zimbabwean celebrities and Zanu PF praise singers.

Among those who have been given cars by Chivayo are musician and Zanu PF Bulawayo councillor Sandra Ndebele, known for her raunchy dances on stage.

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