Government bans extra lessons over school holiday

By Staff Reporter

The government has issued a ban on extra lessons set to be conducted by schools during the upcoming school holiday.

In a statement on Monday, Primary and Secondary Education permanent secretary Moses Mhike insisted students, who include Grade 7, O’ Level and A’ Level exam classes had sufficient time to learn during the first term and need to rest and recharge for the next term.

Mhike said “teaching and learning went seamlessly during the first term of the year, fully embracing the 56 days set aside for that process”.

“Having consulted widely on the matter and taking cognizance of the fact that the school term had no disturbances at all to the teaching and learning programme, therefore, authority is not granted that schools facilitate a vacation school during the April school holidays for Grade 7, Ordinary Level, Advanced Level candidates as well as for the non-examination classes,” Mhike said in a statement.

Mhike urged provincial education directors to make sure “that this directive is complied with to the letter.”

The ban on extra lessons shall come as a disappointment to some teachers who have been charging parents and guardians decent amounts of money to conduct lessons outside the school learning calendar.

The government insists that teachers should cover the syllabus within the set school calendar, and allow children to rest and recharge during the holidays.

Zimbabwe’s poorly paid teachers have found solace in conducting extra lessons to supplement their wages.

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