Chivayo finally gifts Nicholas Zakaria a car

By Showbiz Reporter

Nicholas Zacharia’s implied pleas for a new vehicle donation from businessman Wicknell Chivayo have finally been answered after he has been gifted a Fortuner by the Sungura music legend.

The Khiama Boys frontman was recently dragged into unkind social media exchanges with Chivayo after the controversial businessman posted dismissively to what appeared to be his pleas for a fresh ride.

In a video that was circulated on social media, Zakaria, who was servicing his vehicle while in a conversation with Madzibaba Petroge, lamented how his Mazda BT50 vehicle has given him some mechanical headaches.

The car has been on the road since 2008.                               

Madzibaba Petroge, who appeared canvassing for a vehicle donation for Zakaria, did not mention to who he was directing the pleas.

Chivayo has been buying cars and dolling out cash to musicians and other Zanu PF praise singers past few months.

Among them is top Sungura musician Alick Macheso, himself a protégé of Zakaria.

Since Chivayo started dishing out vehicles to musicians, other celebrities have used similar tactics of going on social media and making pleas to the businessman for them to be bought cars.

Chivayo has responded positively and bought Toyota Aqua vehicles as well as expensive Mercedes Benz vehicles for the likes of Alick Macheso, Sandra Ndebele, Jah Prayzah and Seh Calaz just to mention a few.

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