MISA Zimbabwe leads media viability brainstorm seminar

By Caleb Chikwawawa

Media players within the industry have held a seminar to brainstorm on new strategies to cope with a fast-changing media environment that requires continued innovation for sustainability issues.

The two-day Media Business Modelling Seminar held in Harare was facilitated by the Media Institute of Southern Africa (Zimbabwe Chapter).

Aimed at equipping media practitioners with viable business models, the event was also attended by media practitioners from Zambia and South Africa.

While speaking at the event, MISA-Zimbabwe chairperson Golden Maunganidze said the event was essential as it enables the media stakeholders to identify challenges and come up with solutions.

“This event is critical given the media’s role in advancing the enjoyment of fundamental rights, citizens’ participation and governance issues and social economic prosperity. 

“This is why we have decided to create this dialogue and engagement with the Zimbabwean media and other critical stakeholders to identify the challenges and possible solutions.

“The objectives of this seminar are to create a platform for media houses and other media stakeholders to learn from regional media houses with viable business models, to discuss also media sustainability holistically and to equip local media houses with sustainability strategies.

“This dialogue will allow stakeholders to reflect and craft long term sustainability strategies.

“More importantly, we know hope that the seminar will provide a platform for local media to deliberate on these critical areas,” Maunganidze said.

Various concepts which include technology in media, management of revenues, innovation and analysis were touched on.

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