Blue Circle, City Bus operating licences suspended after fatal crash

By Tapiwa Svondo

The government has suspended operating licences for bus companies, Blue Circle (operated by Swaymo Enterprises Pvt Ltd) and City Bus (operated by Wipeco Investments Pvt Ltd), following a fatal collision by two of their cross-border coaches in a Beitbridge in what led to the death of 11 people last week.

The decision to suspend the companies’ licences was imposed by the Transport Ministry.

Authorities have penalised the companies for alleged failure to adhere to the road traffic and safety management regulations set by the country.

The tragedy occurred at the Tshamunanga area, some 12 kilomitres from Beitbridge town along the Masvingo on 16 March 2024.

A Harare bound City bus collided with a Blue Circle bus travelling from Kadoma to the border town resulting in the fatalities.

Witnesses said one of the buses hit a donkey and swerved to the oncoming traffic lane resulting in the collision.

The incident followed another tragic one in which 15 Zimbabweans died during the week after a bus they were travelling in from Harare was involved in a fatal collision with a truck some 130 kilometres from Cape Town, South Africa

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