Teen strikes man dead with machete in mine shaft wars

By Staff Reporter

A 19-year-old man faces murder after he allegedly struck a fellow artisanal miner on the head with a machete leading to his death during a dispute over a mine shaft.

The suspect was named in a statement by the National Prosecuting Authority as Nation Devine Majoni of Gokwe North while his dead victim was identified Artwell Siwetshe.

Majoni appeared before the Magistrates’ Court in Kadoma on 1 March 2024 facing murder.

Said NPA, “On the 25th of February 2024, at Kanyemba 9 mine Battlefields, Kadoma, a dispute arose between two machete gangs (the Maziga gang, and the Mandebele gang).

“The dispute was centred on who had the right to enter the mine shaft through the breather. This disagreement escalated into a violent clash involving machetes, axes, and knives.

“During the course of the fight the accused person struck Artwell Siwetshe on the head with a machete, resulting in his death.

“The accused person was remanded in custody to the 27th of March 2024.”

Violent wars involving artisanal miners are common in Zimbabwe with a lot often resulting in deaths.

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