Chivayo dangles car, house offer to Thomas Mapfumo

Businessman pleads with exiled Chimurenga music icon to return home

By Tapiwa Svondo

Businessman Wicknell Chivayo has offered to buy Thomas Mapfumo a car worth US$200 000 and a house worth even more if the self-exiled veteran musician returns home and humble himself under Zanu PF rule.

Mukanya, a rabid government critic, has been living in America for years after he left the country during late former President Robert Mugabe’s rule fearing for his safety.

He has continued with his criticism of the current administration under President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

One of his latest targets is Chivayo, a Zanu PF benefactor he criticised recently for dishing out expensive and standard cars to musicians and other celebrities on the Zimbabwean showbiz scene.

Mapfumo said Chivayo should be directing his benevolence towards poor people as opposed to celebrities who are better resourced to take care of themselves.

His comments elicited a somewhat tepid rebuke from Chivayo who dangled a car and house in exchange for the Chimurenga music icon’s return to the country.

Chivayo’s response read;

“As much as I love his music kusekana kwana kamba kwe ku sekana makwati…lye anei? Came to Zim and was stranded had nowhere to stay. The opposition will use you and never help you. Kifira fame pa social media chete. Makura Mukanya and your music made a significant contribution to the liberation struggle.

“Apologize publicly for being led astray modzoka to your founding principles and values. Straight away as my best musician of all time mouya ndokutengerai mota brand new of your choice ye 200 thousand USD ne imba ye 300 thousand USD all registered in your name.

“Inga makaimba mukati Dai Tenzi vaiziva zvavo vaitora hurombo vorasa vagopawo hupfumi kuvanhu vago yamura vano shupika vagotipawo Neches kudyawo…Ndiro rufaro pa Zimbabwe Sir Wicknell vari kuita zvinogara zvakadaro but all in the name of ZANU PF the ruling party. Jah is enjoying his latest shape S class zvakaipei??, zvinovengwa ne muroyi chete DZOKAYI KUNE VAMWE MUKANYA party iyi inonzi ZANU PF zviri pachena ichatonga kusvika narini. Nyangwe mukandi tuka music yenyu ndoridza chete…”

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