DNA tests confirm Mliswa fathered Susan Mutami’s child

By Staff Reporter

Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) tests have confirmed former legislator Temba Mliswa fathered socialite Susan Mutami’s child, Tinotenda Cripper Mliswa.

The result marks an end to a drawn out paternity row pitying the two controversial individuals.

According to the test report prepared a Katherine Pippia at Identilab, the probability of Mliswa being father of the child is 99,9999999 percent.

“I report that the results of the parentage testing procedure carried out on the bodily samples of the donors specified above show that Temba Peter Mliswa is not excluded from identification as the father of Tinotenda Cripper Mliswa,” read the report.

“I further report that the probability that Temba Peter Mliswa is the egentic father of Tinotenda Cripper Mliswa has been calculated as follows;

“Temba Peter Mliswa is 12 billion times more likely to produce a child with the required alleles than an unrelated man drawn randomly from the African population.

“This equates to the Relative Chance of Paternity of 99,9999999.”

Mliswa, who has fathered multiple children with different women, shared a copy of the DNA test report on X Thursday, adding he shall now take up his role as a father to the child, born 20 July 2021.

“I have some news for you. After the conducting of DNA tests it has been confirmed that Tinotenda is my son. I’m glad the matter has been brought to a decisive conclusion allowing me, as a parent, to fulfill my duties with clarity& assuredness. It’s all I sought for in the matter.

“I’m thankful for all that Susan Mutami did as a single parent in the interim. She has been a capable mother, loves her child and has done very well. I will now step forward to take over as a responsible adult and parent.

“I hope this brings closure to this, as a public matter, allowing us to proceed with the upbringing of this child in privacy. It’s only because of previous public entanglements that I have felt the need to bring closure to it, in the same public, by announcing these results.

“As parents of the child let us respect the future of the child and strive to have commensurate conduct in this matter. Icho ndicho, bhuru rapinda mudanga. Tinovatambira Shumba nerudo mumhuri.”

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