Simlex operator’s licence suspended after bus crash kills 15 in South Africa

By Staff Reporter

Government has summarily suspended Simlex Bus Company’s operating licence following a fatal accident in which 15 Zimbabwean passengers died while more than 20 were hospitalised for serious injuries in South Africa Saturday.

Transport Minister Felix Mhona ordered the suspension of the company’s operations until it was fully compliant with all the relevant regulatory and policy frameworks.

The Zimbabwean citizens died in Western Cape Province when the Simlex cross border bus collided with a haulage truck along the Hex River Pass, about 140km from Cape Town on Saturday evening.

In a statement, Mhona expressed regret following the sad passing of the passengers.

“We mourn the demise of our beloved brothers and sisters who perished in this accident. Our prayers are also with those who survived and the injured as they continue to receive treatment and care.

“We wish them speedy recuperation. The accident is yet another call to all transport operators, motorists and members of the public to adhere to road traffic rules and exercise caution on the road.

“I have directed the Commissioner of Road Motor Transportation to implement relevant provisions of the Road Motor Transportation Act (Chapter 13:15), including, among others, suspension of operations until the operator is fully compliant with all the relevant regulatory and policy frameworks,” Mhona said.

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