Quest Finance robbery: Security guards jailed for US$53 000 theft

By Staff Reporter

Two security guards who pleaded guilty to stealing US$53 000 cash accidentally dropped by suspects as they escaped from an armed robbery incident at Quest Financial Services premises in Harare recently were on Tuesday each jailed 24 months.

The pair, Cornelius Muchikange and Nesbert Kachungwe, is employed by J and P Security.

They had been part of the reaction team which responded to the robbery incident in which US$710 000 cash was seized from the company premises recently.

The gang of robbers left a grinder, some fuse detonators, a bag with two laptops, dropped cash as they escaped from the back of the premises.

While outside the premises, one of the paper bags the robbers were using to carry money was torn and all the cash dropped to the ground and the robbers escaped without picking it up.

The duo patrolled the area and found the cash amounting to approximately US$53 000, took it and shared it between themselves.

Harare magistrate Ethel Chichera initially sentenced them to 48 months imprisonment, six of which were suspended on condition that they do not commit an offence involving theft and dishonesty, in the next five years.

The court further suspended 18 months on condition that they each pay back Quest Financial Services US$18 650.

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