ZINASU confronts UZ authorities over ‘repression’

By Caleb Chikwawawa

Militant student activist group, ZINASU has vowed to resist alleged repression by University of Zimbabwe authorities in what has seen some students expelled from the tertiary institution or given punitive punishments for acts of indiscipline.

In a strongly worded statement, ZINASU chairperson Fortune Maruta accused the higher learning institution’s management for wrongful expulsion of students and “undemocratic theatrics from the university authority on their bid to totally silence the students’ voice and slice democracy into negligible pieces”.

“I am deeply concerned with the suspension of students based on flimsy and frivolous charges if not non-existent.

“The continued ignominious and lobotomizing pursuit to thwart academic freedoms on the once Island of freedom will be treated as a persona non grata at the university and severe legal and constitutional measures will be executed within the shortest time.

“I and my executive strongly advise the university to review and revert their decision in which in our eyes we are treating it as political especially on the case of Forward Mtetwa Tuvarave.”

ZINASU said the tough hand with which authorities were handling affairs at the country’s top most college were worse than the colonial and apartheid era in the former Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) and South Africa.

Maruta further highlighted anomalies on EMHARE are infinite, poorly cooked food as well as the partisan allocation of halls of residence.

“Let it be known that only cats can be pushed into a corner and we are not cats anyways but we are TIGERS!!!” he said.

Also speaking to Zimstar News, ZINASU president Emmanuel Sitima said fellow students will be mobilised to resist any attempts by university authorities to victimise any of their own for different reasons.

“We condemn in greatest terms the illegal targeting of ZINASU members on campus particularly Forward Mtetwa Tuvarave who is flimsily charged for an offence he did not commit.

“The university knows that he has not committed an offence which is why he is being denied an official suspension letter as required by the University statutes and ordinances.

“The political targeting of ZINASU members, abuse of students and the weaponisation of the disciplinary process must stop.

“Otherwise they should be assured of our resistance. Laws of the country and ordinances of the institution should be equally respected.

“Tuvarave and five others are not just students but they are also citizens of Zimbabwe.

“Therefore, their right to administrative justice must not be taken away by just an individual,” said Sitima.

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