Mutsvangwa celebrates Mabhiza, Matanda-Moyo appointment as AG and PG

By Caleb Chikwawawa

Women’s Affair Minister Monica Mutsvangwa has highlighted the recent appointment of women to the powerful posts of Attorney General and Prosecutor General as signs the country was making headway in its women’s empowerment agenda.

Mutsvangwa was addressing the media in Harare Thursday as the country marks the International Women’s Day this Friday.

March 8 of each year was set aside as International Women’s Day by the United Nations.

The theme for this year is “invest in women, accelerate progress”.

Mutsvangwa rallied calls “to celebrate the economic, political and social achievements of women and girls, their courage and significant determination in contributing to the country’s development”.

She said International Women’s Day was a time to “reflect on and to track the progress made in the advancement of women empowerment agenda across spaces with particular focus on investing, budgeting and accelerating the women agenda as the core mandate in this year 2024”.

The top government official said this year’s theme “resonates well with challenges that women face in achieving gender equality”.

“Today we recognise the achievements and roles played by women and the remarkable progress we have made in advancing gender equality.

“Women around the world have shattered glass ceilings, broken barriers and proven overwhelmingly that they are capable of achieving greatness in every field and we can see that in our country, we have reason as Zimbabweans to celebrate,” she said.

“We have seen for the first time in our country, attorney general is a woman, prosecutor general is a woman.

“This gives us a great pleasure to say there are women who are getting right at the top of the decision making in our country.”

She was referring to the appointment by President Emmerson Mnangagwa last year, of Virginia Mabhiza as Attorney General and Loice Matanda Moyo as Prosecutor General.

Mutsvangwa added, “Their contribution to society, culture, science, politics and the economy are invaluable and we are all here, we have seen even coming from the academia, we welcome you because we want to work with you, we need to do research and development, we need to understand the policies which we are putting into place, are they really active, are they making us succeed.”

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