Cuba ambassador commiserates with Palestine over Israel atrocities in Gaza

By Donald Chakamanga

Cuban Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Yenielys Regueiferos Linares has expressed solidarity with the Palestinian people in the midst of relentless atrocities committed by Israeli forces in what has seen the massacre of thousands in the Gaza strip.

Speaking at a function in Harare hosted by her counterpart, Palestinian Ambassador Dr Tamer Almassri, Linares underscored that the Israeli occupation was illegal and the war lacked logic.

Ambassador Linares was accompanied by a 15 Cuban team which pledged solidarity and denounced the Israeli “genocide”.

“The war is not logical and as Cuba, we stand against the unjust actions being released on Palestine,” she said.

She called for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza saying innocent lives have been lost in Palestine due to the interference of the United States of America.

Ambassador Linares also narrated that Cuba has endured a long history of economic embargoes imposed on her country by the United States of America dating back from 1960.

She also showered accolades over the strong ties which exist between Zimbabwe and Cuba.

“We are linked in blood, heart, history, culture and the legacy left by former President Fidel Castro belongs to Africa,” said Ambassador Linares.

Last year during the United Nations General Assembly meeting in New York,  about 187 States voted for the resolution put forward against the economic and trade embargoes with only the United States of America and Israel voting against the resolution and Ukraine abstaining.

Meanwhile, Dr Almassri reiterated that Palestine has suffered at the hands of the United States of America.

He said ironically, the US claims to be defenders and protectors of democracy, human rights and transparency.

He added that the US is the supporter of the current genocide in Gaza strip.

To date, he said 30,631 people have been killed by Israeli strikes and 72,043 injured since October, 7 last year.

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