Cephas Mashakada’s widow begs for 1000 chicks from Chivayo

Eunice says widows of musicians who have contributed to Zimbabwe’s music industry have been left out

By Showbiz Reporter

Late popular sungura musician Cephas Mashakada’s widow, Eunice, has begged Wicknell Chivayo to donate some 1 000 chicks so she could start a poultry project.

Chivayo has been doling out cars, including top-of-the-range vehicles, to some local musicians in the past few months.

The controversial businessman has also dished out generous sums of cash to some local artists.

But his choice of beneficiaries for his largesse have been questioned by many who feel that musicians already earning good money on the local showbiz scene should be least of the priority list when it comes to donations.

Eunice told the media that Chivayo should also consider widows, whose husbands played a big part in shaping the local musical industry.

“Chivayo has been doing well with his donations but he must also remember widows like us by donating at least 1000 chicks, so that we start new projects,” she said.

Nicknamed “Moto Muzhinji”, Mashakada was a celebrated sungura musician with a career spanning over three decades.

Some of his most popular songs were “Samson”, “Huya uponeswe” and “vadzidzi vangu”.

The Sounds of the Muddy Face frontman died aged August 2011 in the intensive care unit at Chitungwiza Central Hospital after a kidney failure.

Then aged 51, Mashakada collapsed at his Chitungwiza home.

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