The ghost behind Zimbabwe’s Black Market

By Linda Masarira

On the 23rd of February 2024, I posted how Chicken Inn revenue is being used and externalized.

Today, my focus is on Bakers Inn.

Some might ask why I am researching and exposing this. There are two main reasons;

1) Biological warfare has been upon us for a while, and we haven’t been paying attention,

2) Currency instability is catalysed by the activities of this monopoly.

Bakers Inn – Bread is a cash product. Bakers Inn has 60-70% Zimbabwe Market Share. They generate 5,000,000 USD a day in bread sales. That is 1.8 billion USD a year revenue. Yet records state that Bakers Inn Makes No profits.

Where does the profit go?

– To lease rentals of retail premises to you know who,

– To overinflated wheat and maize prices, they pay National Foods and PHI Commodities.

Why do National Foods and PHI Commodities make no profits?

They pay overinflated prices to their offshore wheat supplier not owned by Innscor, but by Zed. That is how he takes all his profits offshore hidden, and he doubles up because he does huge Forex Arbitrage with his cash.

Interbank Deals (The Godfather of the Blackmarket in Zimbabwe)

Forex Allocations

Bakers Inn and Chicken Inn are cash businesses. The landlords get their overinflated rent mainly in USD cash.

How does Zed get USD out?

He gives it to the Gold Dealers – Scott/Pastor Paul, etc, and they buy gold and export to Dubai for Zeds pocket.

Where rent is paid in RTGS. What does Zed do? He gives it to dealers who convert it to USD who then give it to Gold Dealers and it’s flown to Dubai.

The Gold Mafia is ZED.

@AJEnglish expose of the gold mafia had to edit out ZED, which is why the documentary was screened later than planned. Pastor Paul’s sole job is to externalise Zeds’ profits to Dubai.

The whole gold industry in Zimbabwe is being manipulated by the Greek billionaire. He launders his profit to Dubai through gold. Al Jazeera, knew this but would not publish it because he also works for foreign intelligence agencies.

In May 2016, Zed was named in the Panama Papers for payments and other transactions to directors which are viewed as illegal.

The Panama Papers is a tranche of millions of leaked financial documents detailing a trove of billions sheltered in tax havens, and pocketed by political power players around the world.

Innscor Africa has been named in the leaked documents as having engaged Panama law firm Mossack Fonseca to process payments to two high-profile directors via offshore companies in the British Virgin Islands. News24 in an article on their website stated,

“This is despite leaked documents showing that Innscor directors Zinona Koudounaris and Michael Fowler engaged lawyers from the Panama law firm to register about four offshore companies in partnership with accounting firm Nothern Wychwood. The offshore firms were incorporated in the British Virgin Islands.”

This again was published by News24,

“Koudounaris is a well-known and successful businessman and is director of a large Zimbabwean quoted group, Innscor Africa Limited, involved in retail and manufacturing industry, hotel and tourism in Southern Africa… SOF (source of funds) is from accumulated salary,” said Sophia Birchall, an administrator at Northern Wychwood, in correspondence with Mosack Fonseca in early 2015.

Zimbabwean bank CBZ wrote letters of reference for Koudounaris and Fowler in 2014, which were used in the creation of accounts for the offshore companies. The letters were signed by personnel and managers in the wealth management division at CBZ Bank.

The documents show that Koudounaris and Fowler, whose residences are cited as Alexandra Park and Colne Valley, are the beneficiaries of the four offshore companies. Experts say companies and businessmen usually use offshore and shell companies to avoid tax but this may also be legal, according to lawyers.

Entity is called MAC AERO LIMITED. It’s in Panama papers and it’s from this vehicle and its subsidiaries that Zed externalizes & money launders from Zimbabwe.

Linda Masarira is a Human Rights Defender | Development & Socioeconomic Rights activist | Feminist | LEAD President | COPAN 3rd Vice President |

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