CCC installs Ncube as interim party president

Party leadership to be rotated among Ncube, Biti, Karenyi-Kore ahead of elective congress

By Staff Reporter

Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) has announced Welshman Ncube as interim president as the main opposition moves measures to tidy up things in the wake of former leader Nelson Chamisa’s bombshell exit from the party.

Acting Communications Secretary Jacob Mafume announced the party’s interim leadership shall be on three-month rotational basis among Ncube, Tendai Biti and Lynette Karenyi-Kore until an elective congress is announced.

The former MDC Alliance was forced to revert to its 2019 structures which were dismantled by Chamisa as he led change of name to CCC in 2022.

Chamisa ditched his party January this year citing infiltration by the enemy.

The popular politician has given strong hints on the possibility of forming a new party.

Even in his absence, Chamisa is believed to be pulling the strings in CCC as loyalist Jameson Timba has been installed as acting CCC president by a faction loyal to him.

Mafume said the move to rotate the party’s leadership was spurred by the need to move on in the wake of Chamisa’s exit.

“Having met and deliberated on various matters affecting the party, and having noted the resignation of Chamisa as President of the party, the Citizens Coalition for Change National Standing Committee (NSC) resolved to fill in the vacancy left by Chamisa by appointing an Acting President,” Mafume said.

“The Acting President position will be held by the three Vice Presidents, on a 90-day rotation basis, until the party goes to an elective congress.

“By record of the May 2019 Gweru Congress, and within the context of the leadership of the party as of 22 January 2022, Ncube is the most senior of the Vice Presidents. As a consequence thereof, the NSC resolved to, with immediate effect, appoint Ncube as the Acting President.

“The appointment of the Acting President and the resumption of duties by all office bearers based on 2019 structures marks the beginning of an uninterrupted path to restore stability and democracy within the party.”

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