Man kills wife for refusing to cook sadza

Clayton Mabasa Hunda claimed provocation by late wife

By Staff Reporter

A man killed his wife after failing to stomach her refusal to prepare sadza for him when power had been restored.

For his misdeeds, Clayton Mabasa Hunda was jailed 14 years by High Court judge Lucy Mungwari.

During trial, prosecutors told the judge, Hunda, who was stone drunk at the time, sat on his now deceased wife’s chest and plucked off a few dreads on her head in a fit of rage.

The couple had reportedly shared a 750ml bottle of Gin.

Following the abuse, the woman later passed out and died.

The incident happened in 2021 but sentenced was handed down recently.

Hunda told the judge that his late wife had refused to cook for him as she was busy talking to her boyfriends.

He however said he committed the crime in his drunken stupor.

In her ruling, Justice Mungwari partially accepted the crime was committed out of provocation.

“The provocation related to the possibility of infidelity on the part of the deceased when she boasted that she was talking to her boyfriends.

“It therefore also amounts to the fact of the offender having acted out of passion.

“It was a finding of this court that the offender took offence at his wife’s response to his request to cook supper.

“A wholesale consideration of these issues lead us to the inescapable conclusion that it is in the interest of justice that the offender be sentenced as follows; 14 years’ imprisonment.”

The court was also told of Hunda’s attempts to resuscitate his wife when she fell unconscious as a result of the assault.

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