Sikhala sentenced to 9 months jail for false baby murder claims

Ordered to pay US$500 fine after being spared jail

By Staff Reporter

Opposition politician Job Sikhala has been sentenced to nine months imprisonment in a case he was convicted of 2020 Facebook claims a police officer had struck and killed a baby with a baton stick.

His imprisonment was however wholly suspended for five years on condition he does not commit a similar offence within the specified period.

A former Citizens Coalition for Change lawmaker, Sikhala was also ordered to pay US$500 fine failing which he shall pay an effective period of two months jail.


Sikhala was ordered to pay the amount by 4 March 2024.

His lawyer Harrison Nkomo said they were filing a High Court appeal against the politician’s conviction and sentence.

“We have instructions to file an appeal as a registration of client displeasure of this judgement, we disagree with it,” Nkomo told journalists outside the Harare magistrate’s court Thursday.

“It has no foundation at law, it is not sound. This law nolonger exists and It is wrong for a court to convict someone with a law that is nolonger existing.

“The effect of a striking of a section by the highest court on the land, the Constitutional Court means that law is dead. How does it resuscitate! No ways, it can’t.”

Meanwhile, Sikhala is back in court this Friday for sentencing on a case of disorderly conduct in a public place.

He will be back again on 29 February for judgement on yet another case.

Sikhala already has conviction on incitement to political violence and the latest one.

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