Bulawayo man impregnates brother’s wife

Threatens to kill brother for questioning him over the betrayal

By Staff Reporter

A Bulawayo man who had been left in the company of his brother’s wife by his South Africa based kin betrayed the trust by sliding in-between the sheets with his in-law resulting in her falling pregnant.

Patson Ncube of Selborne Park suburb was betrayed by his younger brother Shelton Khumalo whom he had offered some accommodation while he was away.

Khumalo, a Bulawayo court heard, has not stopped there in his abominable behaviour but has gone on to tell his brother in his face that the wife infected him with an STI.

Khumalo has further threatened to kill his brother with an axe after Ncube quizzed him over the betrayal.

Ncube applied for a protection order at the Bulawayo magistrates’ courts.

In his affidavit he said: “The respondent (Shelton Khumalo) has been physically and emotionally abusing me. He threatens to kill me with an axe and chases me out of the house. He accuses me of infecting him with a disease that he has not named.”

Khumalo denies the claims and blames his brother’s wife of initiating the sex act that led to her pregnancy.

“I have never threatened to kill him. His wife came to my room and slept on my bed. I’m very sick because of his wife who infected me with a disease.”

Ncube was granted the protection order.                                         

Khumalo was ordered not to physically assault and verbally abuse his brother. He was also prevented from issuing death threats at Ncube.

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