Innbucks shift manager up for stealing US$16 000 from employer

By Caleb Chikwawawa

An Innbucks employee has been arrested, accused of fraud after he allegedly abused his expertise to funnel US$16 000 from the money transfer service into his own account.

The employee has been named as Webster Mavhirima, a shift manager at the Simbisa Brands subsidiary’s Chisipite branch in Harare.

According to reports, Mavhirima used manipulated the company’s internal system, transferring money into his personal account from the Innbucks account.

It is said that Mavhirima connived with a fellow employee, one Emmanuel Manatsa to siphon money from the company.

Manatsa is yet to be arrested for the offence.

The two allegedly transferred US$12,500 in total into Mavhirima’s account.

The matter remained concealed until the company’s human resources department saw inconsistencies in theSimbisa Brands subsidiary’s financial records dating back to January this year.

The company traced the anomaly to some unauthorised transfers into Mavhirima’s personal account.

Of the stolen money, the company has only managed to recover US$3 400.

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