Job Sikhala visits Prophet Chiza over his ‘Mandela voice’

Eagle Life Assembly Church founder orders politician to stop wearing suits

By Staff Reporter

Job Sikhala consulted Prophet Blessing Chiza at the preacher’s Eagle Life Assembly Church in Bulawayo weekend to interpret his “dream” that has seen the popular opposition politician begin to mimic Nelson Mandela in speech.

Sikhala, a former CCC MP for Zengeza West, was freed with a wholly suspended two-year jail sentence last week after enduring nearly 600 days of pre-trial detention for violence incitement.

In interviews with journalists and while speaking with Mandela’s croaky voice, Sikhala called himself an icon resembling the late South African anti-apartheid stalwart.


Perplexed by his own situation, the politician travelled to Bulawayo weekend ostensibly to get an interpretation of his “dream” and a spiritual understanding of his Mandela mystery.

“I am not prophesying, I am interpreting a dream,” the controversial preacher said in viral videos weekend during a weekend sermon.

“I am just interpreting the prophetic dream that Job Sikhala is looking for interpretation, is failing to sleep because; it’s from God; that’s why it’s like that and it has these details.

“So, my question when I looked at you when you were there, I said ‘why is this man still wearing suits when he was told to stop wearing suits’. So, from today, stop wearing suits.

“Do what you were told. So, all the things that are in that dream just follow them.”

Chiza adds, “When you are speaking, you hear the voice of Mandela coming through you.”

During his encounter with the preacher, Sikhala occasionally responds with his loud booming voice, “I hear you man of God”.

The preacher said he did not “want to dish out a lot of information” about Sikhala’s situation.

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