Wicknell Chivayo gifts Mercedes Benz to Sandra Ndebele

By Tapiwa Svondo

Extravagant businessman Wicknell Chivayo has purchased a spiffy Mercedes Benz valued at US$155,000 for musician and Zanu PF Bulawayo councillor Sandra Ndebele saying it was a reward for her loyalty to the ruling party.

Chivayo flaunted the pricey gift to Ndebele on his Instagram.

He posted,

“CONGRATULATIONS to you my sister SANDRA NDEBELE… Your contribution, commitment and support at ZANU PF rallies as well as your participation in the elections as a Councillor cannot just be ignored…Please travel to Harare and find your way to EXQUISITE DEALERSHIP and see Victor. Your FULLY PAID, beautiful, magnificent and spectacular 2022 MERCEDES BENZ GLE400d is waiting for you to collect it and drive it home… Don’t forget to hoot loudly whenever you arrive for council meetings pane kamwe ka BATO kari disintegrated kandinoda kungo bhowa ccchete my sister …ZANU PF HUCHI…ZANU PF CHIORORO…JOIN THE WINNING TEAM…Edelivers”, said Chivhayo

The controversial businessman has been in a Father Christmas mood lately with popular musicians being recipients of his lavish gifts sourced from the flamboyant Harare car dealership linked to the first family.

Recently, musician Jah Prayzah was blessed with a 2023 Mercedes Benz 4matic worth US$180,000.

Chivayo has also acquired a vehicle worth US$140,000 for musician Sulumani Chimbetu.

Again Chimbetu was rewarded for his support for Zanu PF.

“Congratulations to none other than the current king of Dendera Music himself, Mr. Sulumani Chimbetu… Your significant contributions and continued support at our ZANU PF rallies cannot go unnoticed. I am biased, not only because I am a die-hard Dendera Music fan, but also because your father, Simon ‘The Chopper’ Chimbetu, was my very good friend and, in my opinion, the greatest singer of all time. Today, I present to you, Sulu, your new 2022 Mercedes Benz GLE300d… If you continue supporting ZANU PF, the revolutionary party, your future remains bright… This is just a small amount of money well spent on you wholeheartedly,” Chivayo posted on his Facebook page.

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