President Mnangagwa’s nephew, minister bashed in city parking row

By Caleb Chikwawawa

Deputy Minister of Tourism and Hospitality Industry Tongai Mnangagwa was allegedly assaulted Tuesday by a motorist, named Antony Mwedziwendira, with whom he had a quarrel over some parking space in Harare’s Avenues area.

Police reported that Tongai, a nephew to President Emmerson Mnangagwa, and his aides had parked their motorcade outside an apartment at corner Sixth street and Five Avenue in Harare, where the quarrel took place.

The minister’s attacker, according to police, is also being sought for drug possession.

“On 30 January 2024 around 2215 hours, the complainant parked his convoy of motor vehicles outside 61 Trud Mansions, corner 6th Street and Fife Avenue, Harare, where he was attending a birthday party.

“After the party, complainant proceeded to where he had parked his vehicles and was intercepted by the accused person who was complaining that his convoy was blocking his parked motor vehicles.

“Accused person charged towards complainant and manhandled him and assaulted him with open hands.

“The aides came and intervened and the accused person went on to assault one of the aides with open hands once on the face,” police said.

Police said Mwedziwendira later fled after realising that he was fighting with a tp government official.

“A report was made at ZRP Fife Avenue. Scene was attended, motor vehicles were towed to ZRP Milton Park.

“CID Drugs was advised after suspicion that the accused person might be dealing with drugs.

“Searches were conducted on the four vehicles belonging to the accused person.

“Various drugs were recovered from the searched vehicles…some of the boots were not searched because they were locked….

“Complainant sustained no visible injuries,” read the report.

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