Missing girl, aged, 3 found dead, body parts missing

By Staff Reporter

In a suspected case of ritual murder, a 3-year-old girl’s body was found at the foot of Mavhuradona Mountain in Guruve a week after she went missing, with some of her parts removed.

Police confirmed the shock incident.

“ZRP confirms a sad incident in which Caroline Makubhwakwa, a three-year-old female juvenile was found lying dead with some body parts missing in a galley at the foot of Mavhuradona Mountain, Guruve on 25 January 2024.

“The victim had been reported missing on 17 January 2024 after she had left her grandmother going to play under a nearby tree in Mhokwe Village, Mushumbi. More details will be released as investigations unfold.”

Coincidentally, Mavhuradona Mountains is also the scene of a 2021 incident in which five members of a family of five – aged 69, 29, seven, five and one – were found dead.

The bodies of the family members were discovered by a hunter.

The recent death of the 3-year-old minor follows the shock incident of a Kwekwe school teacher whose body was also found with missing parts in January this year in another clear case of ritual murder.

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