UK government petitioned over ‘unfair’ treatment of foreign care workers

By Staff Reporter

A petition has been launched against the United Kingdom government to allow foreign care workers to switch jobs within their visa remit when their sponsoring agents’ licences are revoked.

The petition exhorts British authorities to relax terms of the Tier 2 visa which allows Zimbabweans and other foreigners to work in the financially rewarding care industry abroad.

Zimbabweans are among many foreigners who have found employment in the UK care industry.


This petition is deeply personal. My sister, a dedicated care worker, came to this country under a Tier 2 sponsorship for Care workers. She uprooted her life and moved here with her young children who have since settled into their schools and community.

However, her employer lost contracts and was unable to provide work for my sister. Despite tirelessly searching for another sponsor to switch to, she has had no success.

To compound the issue further, we recently discovered that her sponsor’s license has been revoked. Now she faces an agonizing countdown of 60 days to find a new sponsor or be forced to leave the country that has become home for her and her children.

This situation is not unique; many foreign care workers in Tier 2 sponsorship face similar predicaments when their employers’ licenses are revoked unexpectedly.

These hardworking individuals should be allowed the opportunity to fill any care jobs within the remit of their visa without having their lives turned upside down.

We urge policymakers and immigration authorities alike: Let these skilled professionals continue contributing positively towards our society by allowing them job mobility within their visa remit after sponsor license revocation.

Please sign this petition today – support our call for fair treatment of foreign care workers in Tier 2 sponsorship who are already living and working amongst us!

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