South Africa, Namibia want Zimsec examinations, says Zimsec boss

By Staff Reporter

Zimbabwe School Examinations Council (Zimsec) chairperson Professor Eddie Mwenje says his board has been inundated with requests by South Africa, Namibia and Swaziland to take up Zimsec examinations, rocked by continued paper leaks and other logistical nightmares.

The country dumped internationally recognised Cambridge examinations few years ago in place of Zimsec.

In an interview with state media, Mwenje said Zimsec examinations were internationally recognised.

“Zimsec is internationally recognised that means in the region we are also very much appreciated as an examination board,” Mwenje said.

“Cambridge is trying to extend its wings, its business as well for them and what is happening is now we have got schools, sometimes they have Cambridge and they may have Zimsec, I think that we are a national body and our aspects are to serve the Zimbabwean people.

“We have had requests by regional countries wanting to write Zimsec, so that we offer examinations there.

“We have had requests even from people in the diaspora who are saying can you not offer these examinations externally?

“This shows the level of playing field that happens in a democratic society, some people come in, like Oxford can set up their centre here just like what they are doing in other countries and Cambridge University can set up its centre here.”

Despite negative perceptions associated with Zimsec even among Zimbabweans themselves, Mwenje said there has never been a decline in the number of candidates sitting for Zimsec examinations in place of Cambridge examinations.

“We have not seen a decline when it comes to our statistics as to the candidates who take our examinations. Our examinations continue to have more candidates. Over the years, our figures of students who have been writing examinations are around 250 000 and 264 000, and in 2023 it was more than 270 000.

“We look at the population and we see that we are still fine when it comes to that and the credibility of our examinations. Our results are appreciated worldwide and this why we have to keep the reputation and integrity of our examinations. Our students leave here and they go to Harvard University, Oxford and other universities overseas which shows that Zimsec is internationally recognised.”

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