Teachers group demand 2-week leave to mourn murdered colleague

Teachers express shock over Fanuel Mwale’s killing

By Tapiwa Svondo

A teachers union has demanded two weeks leave to mourn their slain workmate Fanuel Mwale, a Rio Tinto educator who was gruesomely killed with his body dismembered by unknown suspects in a suspected ritual murder.

In correspondence to Primary and Secondary Education Ministry secretary, Educators Union of Zimbabwe secretary general Tapedza Zhou pleaded with authorities to allow close workmates “compassionate leave” to address the emotional toll inflicted upon them by the brutal act.

The teachers said the heinous nature in which the crime was committed has deeply affected his fellow teachers and the entire school community.

“We have learnt with deep shock the gruesome mutiny and murder of Mr Muleya, a teacher at Rio Tinto High School in Zhombe on 20 January 2024,” Zhou said in a letter also copied to the Midlands Provincial Education Director.

“Mr Muleya was gored out both eyes. His face was missing the scarf skin and his skull was smashed while brains are possibly missing.

“This gruesome murder naturally imposes an excruciating and traumatic pain to his workmates and the rest of the school community.

“May your office mitigate the whole situation by granting a compassionate leave of 2 weeks to some teachers who need some time to come to terms with the situation, away from the station.

“This time-off would allow them the opportunity to come to terms with the traumatic incident away from the school environment.”

No response was readily available from the ministry officials.

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