Judgement day: CCC, Youth Solidarity Trust rally Sikhala support

By Caleb Chikwawawa

The Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) and the Youth Solidarity Movement have both rallied massive support behind jailed party politician Job Sikhala who is Wednesday set for sentence in his drawn-out trial for violence incitement.

At a press conference in Harare, Youth Solidarity Movement president Darlington Chigwena urged people to come in their numbers dressed in black in a symbolic mourning of the death of democracy.

“The Job Sikhala Solidarity Movement urges all pro-democracy campaigners to attend court on 24 January 2024 beginning at 11.15 hours in Court 18, Harare Rotten Row courts.

“24 January is freedom day; not only for Job Sikhala but for the generality of Zimbabwe’s citizens who are suffering the brunt of brutal subjugation,” Chigwena said.

“We call upon citizens of Zimbabwe to wear black on this day, mourning the death of democracy.

“We also emphasise that citizens should maintain peace and unity in the face of injustice and extreme provocation from the regime in Harare.

“Our position remains; Job Sikhala is innocent and must be released.”

Chigwena said in spite of all the persecution, Sikhala has remained steadfast and unchanged in his attitude towards injustice.

“Sikhala was unjustly incarcerated on 14 June 2022 for providing legal representation to the family of Moreblessing Ali,” Chigwena said.

“The late Moreblessing, a member of the CCC opposition party was murdered in cold blood by an alleged member of the ruling party Zanu PF. She was killed for her political beliefs.

“Sikhala boldly demanded justice for Ali. For that, he has spent 1 year 7 months and eight days in pre-trial detention. This is a clear case of persecution through prosecution.

“Job Sikhala has however remained unshaken by the shameless persecution. He has demonstrated unmatched resolve and an undying passion to fight for a better Zimbabwe,” said Chigwena.

He said if Sikhala had been free when the country held elections last year, he would have challenged Zanu PF’s alleged rigging and subsequent killings and torture that have been visited upon some opposition followers.

“Citizens have been wondering, had Job Sikhala been free, would he have remained silent in the face of rigging 23 August election.

“Would he have remained silent when Tapfumaneyi Masaya was brutally murdered in Mabvuku.

“So citizens, Sikhala is a symbol of resistance against authoritarianism. This makes him a thorn in the flesh of the regime,” he said.

CCC also called on party supporters to “all come in our huge numbers dressed in yellow to show solidarity with our change champion and celebrate our 2nd anniversary”.

“We continue to demand his release because he is innocent,” the party posted on X.

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