Seke ‘gweja’ cuts own throat in shock suicide

Unconfirmed reports say ‘Marlon’ was frustrated about losing US$6 000 from betting

By Staff Reporter

A 33-year-old Seke man believed to be a ‘gweja’ (Shona slang for artisanal miner) committed suicide recently by cutting his own throat with a knife in full view of the public.

The man, only identified as Marlon, was reported to have attempted the same act through taking poison on Monday but neighbours saved him from the jaws of death by rushing him to hospital.

According to eyewitnesses, the suspected artisanal miner travelled from Harare to commit suicide in Chitungwiza, where his brother lives.

Reasons behind the decision to take his own life were not confirmed but witnesses said he had hinted earlier he lost US$6 000 through betting.

Moments before taking his life, Marlon was said to have stabbed himself in the stomach several times while threatening to kill anyone who dared stop him from the act.

A witness said he saw the man’s last moments as he breathed hard while “hallucinating that someone was following him”.

“He had even threatened to even kill his own brother who was trying to stop him from committing suicide,” the witness said.

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