Bail for woman who filmed company employees fetching ‘sewage water’

Sandra Mazviita Pamberi charged with spreading false information

By Staff Reporter

Sandra Mazviita Pamberi, the 46-year-old woman arrested for filming and circulating a video claiming Adela Contracting (Private) Limited was distributing sewage water to unsuspecting Harare residents, has been granted US$100 bail after being charged with spreading false information.

Pamberi was Friday taken to the Harare Magistrates’ Court facing the charges.

According to prosecutors, on the 15th of January 2024, Pamberi confronted Assel Adams, a company truck driver and Aurthar Fungai Masize, employed by Runt Dutoit Property Developers, as they were pumping water into a truck for road construction.

She proceeded to record a video which went viral on social media platforms.

In the video, she alleged that the two were drawing sewage to sell to members of the public.

She continued recording the video despite efforts by Aurthar Fungai Masize to explain that the water was not sewage and that they did not intend to sell it; rather it was going to be used for road construction.

A report was made to the police leading to her arrest.

Adela Constructing was Tuesday forced to issue a statement dismissing the claims.

“Adela Contracting is a reputable plant-hire company in Zimbabwe. Our core business is the supply and hire of plant equipment. We do not distribute water for purposes of profit to private individuals or corporates and our company has never ventured in such business,” the company said.

“Adela Contracting was contracted by Runt Dutoit Property Developers, to supply plant and equipment for the purposes of road construction in the Kambanji area, Greystone Park, between Gaydon Drive and Maranzi. In the area in which the video was taken runs a stream of freshwater that crosses Outspan Drive.

“The mandate of the private company was the diversion of the stream and drainage of any surplus water that would interfere with the roadworks. Due to the heavy rains that have been experienced over the past few weeks, a pool of rainwater had accumulated by a stream which pool needed to be diverted.”

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