Tshabangu ‘fires’ Promise Mkwananzi as CCC spokesperson

Describes Chamisa-appointed political firebrand as a member of ‘CCC Wapusa Wapusa’

By Tapiwa Svondo

Sengezo Tshabangu says Promise Mkwananzi is not the party spokesperson but represents a party called “CCC Wapusa Wapusa” which he describes as a separate political group “with a distinct agenda”.

The disputed Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) interim secretary-general said this as he dismissed claims he has appointed a group of individuals to positions of leadership within the troubled party.

“These reports are not true. I have not appointed anyone to any position,” he said in a statement Wednesday.

“In CCC, no individual, including myself, has the power or authority to appoint any person to a leadership position.”

Tshabangu said Mkwananzi was not acting on behalf of CCC but “CCC Wapusa Wapusa”.

“To this end, we want to reiterate that Mr Promise Mkwananzi long ceased to be a member of the CCC that met and resolved to relabel itself on the 22nd January 2023,” he said.

“CCC Wapusa Wapusa is a different political group, separate and distinct from CCC born out of the resolutions of the MDC Alliance National Executive Committee and the MDC Alliance National Council on the 22nd January 2022.

“To the extent, CCC Wapusa Wapusa purports to have a programme of action, that programme of action is completely different from our CCC whose programme is based on the people’s agenda as articulated since 1999 and reiterated at the 2019 congress.”

Dismissed as an ‘impostor’ by the Nelson Chamisa led opposition, Tshabangu is adamant he is there to return CCC to constitutionalism and to return back to members, the collective power to appoint leaders of their choice.

He argues Chamisa is a dictator who has unilaterally installed unpopular politicians to leadership roles without consulting the party membership.

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