Zanu PF activists torment visually impaired land beneficiaries in Chitungwiza

By Staff Reporter

Zanu PF activist Lawson Zulu has been taken to court facing attempted extortion after he allegedly demanded a US$200 protection fee from a beneficiary of a residential stand scheme facilitated for the visually impaired in Nyatsime, Chitungwiza last year by First Lady Auxilia Mnangagwa.

Tendai Muzondiwa, a Nyatsime resident and deputy head at Zengeza 2 High School, filed a police report against the activist in November after he was accosted by Zulu at his home demanding the bribe.

“On 18 November last year, Lawson Zulu, a local Zanu PF activist here in Nyatsime came to my home and tried to extort US$200 from me,” Muzondiwa told Zimstar News weekend.

“He introduced himself as the Zanu PF chairperson of that branch and the owner of the land where I am staying.

“He threatened to evict me if I did not pay him the US$200 he was demanding.”

The matter is now before the Chitungwiza Magistrates’ Court.

However, placing a police report against a Zanu PF activist has brought nightmares for Muzondiwa who claims to have been accosted on end by a couple of activists and police officers pressing him to drop the charges.

Among activists who have tried to force him to drop the matter is one Muriritirwa, identified as a party political commissar for the area and a Murerwa, also a local.

Police Inspector Zvavanjanja of Marondera has also been named as one official who has allegedly tried to facilitate an out of court settlement with Muzondiwa on behalf of Zulu.

Muzondiwa has filed a report against the senior police officer through the Police Complainants Desk.

He added, “Another local Zanu PF activist identified as Masimbi drove and blocked my path along the road.

“He ordered my assistant to bring me to the local Zanu PF office at Chibanguza Shopping Centre.

“Reporting a case against these powerful politicians is so difficult; they throw a lot of obstacles on your way to try and drop the case.”

Court sits again on 23 January for Zulu’s trial continuation.

The residential stands were allocated to some visually impaired persons in Nyatsime after the First Lady had met Persons with Disabilities at the Aquatic Complex, Chitungwiza last year to hear their life challenges.

But the beneficiaries have not seen peace after some corrupt Zanu PF activists have been visiting their homes attempting to sell off some of the stands while claiming the stands belonged to them.

This has drawn the ire of the beneficiaries who have collectively protested the move.

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