‘Ndinokunyudza’, says Prophet Chari in church fight with Prophetess

By Staff Reporter

Self-styled prophet Evidence Chari was Friday embarrassed in front of congregants at his Grace Family International Church, Harare when a local Prophetess Hadassah Caroline stormed his church with bouncers to demand reimbursement for her car which the preacher allegedly crashed in South Africa.

Pushed to the corner, Chari, who was in the middle of presiding over his “Record Breaking Friday” was pushed into making ungodly utterances where he threatened to bash the invaders.

“Ndinokunyudza wazvinzwa, ndinonzi Evidence ini. Ndinokurovai mese, pachechi pangu pamuri pano apa (I will crash you. My name is Evidence. I will bash you thoroughly. This is my churche),” Chari shouted.

The skirmishes also sucked in some church members who were sympathising with the cornered preacher.

Caroline, founder of a women’s prayer group, Munamato weMudzimai, took the bold move to embarrass Chari in front of his followers while claiming he duped her of her vehicle which he crashed beyond repair in a road traffic accident in South Africa.

“Prophet what I want is my car only,” she screamed.

“Why did you block me; is that your character?

“You are not ashamed to stand in front of this congregation to preach when you are a crook?

“Ityai Mwari prophet, musavemunyengeri.”

Prophet Chari’s bouncers held back Caroline and chaos then ensued as tensions escalated, with some church members getting involved in the skirmishes.

Chari was eventually forced into a getaway vehicle by his own bouncers.

He pleaded with the driver to allow Caroline and her parents into the car for a private meeting for reconciliation.

Sources said the two had agreed to settle their differences this Monday in Mvuma where Caroline’s parents live.

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